50% more updates per week
50% more updates per week

From December 25 on you get 50 % more updates/week. This means not 10 but 15 updates weekly for your entertainment in the members club. The weekly topics will not be continued. You will get lots of new content in the form of high-res photosets and FULL HD videos presented with increased content rotation.

Feel free to send me feedback and let me know your wishes. The chances are high that they will become true.

In our difficult times where populists and fanatics seem to get the edge on moderates and liberals it is important to stay balanced and not let ourselves be mislead by some politicians and large media companies like e.g. Fakebook (no, it is definitely NOT a social network anymore).

They sell you everything, even fake news and worse, they sell YOU and make billions with our work. I don’t want to be part anymore of the largest unpaid workforce in human history and that is one reason why I joined The8App, where the power and money is returned to the people. Why don’t you give it a try too?

I wish you nice holidays and a happy new year!

Karl Louis


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Nice holidays and a happy new year!