Video/Vimeo On Demand

This post is a continuation of my previous post more than photos.
Since 2010 I’m producing videos and today I can announce my first page of a new type of content: VIMEO ON DEMAND.

My first VOD is about the topic ULTRATIGHT and consists of a trailer and three FULL HD videos. You can buy or rent these videos. They show models in ultratight booty leggings in every-day-life and in special shootings. The leggings were sponsored by my partner

The video poster below shows Francesca Felucci in yellow booty leggings, latex top and Louboutin high heels:


Enjoy the safe-for-work trailer below which gives you a preview of the three videos available for purchase or rent. Music:

Let me know if you have some special wishes for the next VOD topics!

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