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VOD - Video On Demand - Hotpants

3 Videos on Vimeo On Demand – HOTPANTS

This post is a continuation of my previous posts OVERKNEES, ULTRATIGHT and more than photos. I produce videos since 2010 and today another VOD page is ready for you:  VIMEO ON DEMAND – HOTPANTS.

My latest VOD is about the topic HOTPANTS and consists of a trailer and three FULL HD videos of 6 different shootings/locations. You can buy or rent these videos. They show Francesca in different sexy hotpants: black, golden, white, jeans and blue. Not only her booty will drive you crazy 😉

The video poster below shows Francesca Felucci in blue jeans hotpants and Louboutin high heels. All photos and videos were produced in Sardinia.
VOD - Video On Demand - Hotpants

VOD – Video On Demand – HotpantsEnjoy the safe-for-work trailer below which gives you a preview of the three videos available for purchase or rent. Music: bensound.com

The next VOD topic will be “Stockings” and should be ready for you soon. Let me know if you have special wishes for one of the next VOD topics!

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