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phototrip  sardinia  


combine vacation and workshop

since 2001 we organize a successful new kind of workshop.

the combination with vacation has proven to be very good because
you simply make better pictures when you have sun, good food,
beautiful landscapes, sexy models and good company.

three half days, one evening, a pix talk and one dinner
are organized, other time is at your own disposal.
our mobile travel agent can assist you in organizing your trip.

2013 phototrip  june 18 - 21 



hotel recommendations:
la funtana

colonna grand hotel capo testa

helpful links:
hotels st.teresa

il vento e nato in sardegna

important for car drivers:
compare the ferry prices!
(lowest prices)

il vento e nato in sardegna






belle di sardegna - click to be part of it!


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