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a good photo,

no matter how skillfully achieved,
is always born in the artist's intuition.
and intuition can't be taught.
- karl louis -

Louis Familienwappen/Family Crest

karl louis was born 1959 as the first son of hotelier kuno louis and grew up in davos (swiss alps).

he started taking pictures when he was 12 years old and his first camera was an affordable PRAKTICA.

since 1998 his work has been published on many websites, 2000 karllouis.com was established. from 2006 on his work is in several books.

2010 his first 400-pages book CURVES was launched, sold thousands of copies and is sold out. he started producing videos.

2011 he started a TOUR D'EUROPE traveling to the most scenic places in europe.

he can be booked for shootings and he organizes also workshops and private coachings.