Sicily 2010/11 Tour d'Europe

Escape The Winter (1)

Winter in central Europe can be quite cold and therefore you might wanna escape it. Life is too short to freeze is one of my mottos and that’s why I escaped the winter 2010/11 by spending it in warm Sicily, the biggest island of the Mediterranean.

Before we could start it was necessary to get rid of the snow with the help of family.

tde_sicilia_0118_r © Karl Louis

No More Snow

GNV “Grandi Navi Veloci” brought us and our Hymer camper safely from Genua to Palermo and we were a bit nervous since it was the 1st tour with the 7m long vehicle. Palermo is known for it’s chaotic traffic but we made it actually quite easy and without any damage to the campground in the center and when we woke up the next morning the warm Sicilian sun made us feel already very good.

tde_palermo_0163_r © Karl Louis

After running some errands we started our tour around the island. We took it slow and easy and spent our first night in Campofelice di Roccella right next to the beach. The next morning the sun greeted us again.

campofelice_0167_r © Karl Louis

We decided to do a bike tour in Cefalú and have lunch in a cute little restaurant right at the beach.

cefalu_duomo_0172_r © Karl Louis
cefalu_0178_r © Karl Louis

The next stops were San Gregório and Milazzo, where we planned the next days, had lunch (we have a fully equipped kitchen) and also stayed for the night right at the beach.

milazzo_0214_r © Karl Louis
milazzo_0215_r © Karl Louis
milazzo_0217_r © Karl Louis

We wanted to go south as fast as possible so we drove along the coast to Faro …

faro_0227_r © Karl Louis

… and then San’Agata where we had lunch, drove around Messina and had coffee right at the narrow street in one of those little villages, where it’s almost impossible to park a car and don’t even think of a camper  😉

san_giovanni_0235_r © Karl Louis

Our destination was Avola, in Part 2 of Escape The Winter.