Sicily 2010/11 Tour d'Europe

Escape The Winter (2)

Life is too short to freeze is one of my mottos and that’s why I escaped the winter 2010/11 by spending it in warm Sicily, the biggest island of the Mediterranean (Part 2), link to Part 1 of Escape Winter.

The first thing we did when we arrived in the early evening at the Lido di Avola

avola_0239_r © Karl Louis

was getting some Nero d’Avola, the great red wine from the area, which we really enjoyed with our light dinner …

avola_0245_r © Karl Louis

before we went out to explore the city in the evening.

avola_0243_r © Karl Louis

Quite noticeable in this “daily evening get-together” was the fact that women and men always stayed seperately. It’s quite funny when you see this for the first time. There were also much more men than women.

It is always something special to wake up in a camper and in Avola we were lucky to have the sunshine as well. Opening the large bedroom window is then of course wonderful.

avola_0248_r © Karl Louis

Best Fresh Oranges Ever

Later this morning we heard a knock on our mobile home door. A young German guy living here noticed our marker plate (from Switzerland) and wanted to say “Guten Tag!” He also brought us the best fresh oranges I’ve ever ate all my life.

avola_0262 © Karl Louis

In the afternoon we visited Noto, a city which got 1693 completely destroyed by an earthquake and later rebuilt in 6 km distance. 2002 it got declared world heritage site by UNESCO.

noto_0273 © Karl Louis

The following day we went to the old Tonnara (an inactive tuna fish factory)

avola_016_r © Karl Louis

where now men come and spend the day fishing …

avola_017_r © Karl Louis
avola_015_r © Karl Louis
avola_008_r © Karl Louis
avola_018_r © Karl Louis

In the afternoon we visited Genesis Food – they produce excellent local specialities, from fresh to the glass.

avola_genesis_019_r © Karl Louis
avola_genesis_020_r © Karl Louis
avola_genesis_021_r © Karl Louis

We continued our trip to the very south of this beautiful island, which will be in part 3 of Escape Winter.

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I really don’t know, Brian. My guess is that they left some “bricks” of the old factory … and yes, that looks cool.

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