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zuck sucks – 1 – Reporting or Denunciation System?

Not long ago I posted this photo on Instagram.


I got hundreds of likes within a few hours. So far so good. When I opened my Insta the following day I had a message that my image was removed because it violated terms.

I’m pretty much used to getting attacked in the web. It happened many times e.g. on Google+ when I took a clear position about “circle sharing” (thank goodness over) and “respecting copyrights”. So called “curators” attacked me verbally and kept reporting my photos. I always tried hard to post SFW (Safe For Work) stuff on social media. I have seen many images on Instagram and Facebook which were clearly NSFW.

You decide if my above image is SFW or not. Let’s say Instagram thinks it is NSFW. Fine, it’s their decision. What I have quite some difficulties to understand is that my image got stolen when it was a few hours only online and posted by several other account holders. Below is just one example, which got of course reported as copyright infringement and removed by Instagram within 6 hours.


These posts probably stay online forever. Why? Because nobody reports them. When my image got reported there were no scans made to see if it was online somewhere else. As a matter of fact I had this image posted months ago already and nobody reported it so it stayed online all these months. I removed it myself right after my 2nd upload of this image got removed by Instagram. I did not want any problems because of this.

When the denunciators act you have no chance for a fair treatment. The Facebook/Instagram reporting is nothing else than a denunciation system. And most of all, these networks are full of copyright infringing content, fake news and lies and Zuck and his friends make even billions on that. All creators/artists get is (fake) followers and likes.

I really hope that better social frameworks will get popular and decentralize the web so the power and money is returned to the people.

2 replies on “zuck sucks – 1 – Reporting or Denunciation System?”

This is amazing Karl. Your photo’s evoke great sensations. They walk the delicate line of Art and combined with good taste. Unbelievable that others take such a harse one-sided view of beautiful women. Karl your pictures are OK and safe from my viewpoint. Please keep posting ..and Not everyone is a idiot Judging your Graphic Photo’s …..