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zuck sucks – 2 – Are You Still “Getting Paid” with Followers and Likes?

Last quarter, Facebook reported 7 Billion dollars in quarterly revenue. 1.5 Billion people on the planet represent the largest unpaid workforce in human history and have created two companies worth a Trillion dollars. Artists and people do not get rewarded for their time, creativity or influence. On the contrary, quite some artists are even willing to pay for followers and likes.

Especially on Instagram you can see sponsored posts offering apps which will “produce” likes and followers for. You have to buy these apps of course. It’s all about money, don’t forget, just not for you. You don’t get paid with money for your hard work creating videos and photos … no, for you, dumb artist, followers and likes are the “reward”.

In what a crazy “social” media world are we living in? How much longer will artists beg for followers and likes? As long as the power is in Zuck’s hands nothing will change, no, it will even get worse. The algorithms make sure that only maybe 5% of your followers see your posts. You can promote your posts if you want higher visibility, but for this you have to pay, with money of course. Facebook does not accept your followers or likes as a form of payment, no, they want to see $$$$.

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Twitter is struggling, Google+ is changing to an interest based system. By the way, did you know that “artistic nude” content is now allowed on G+? I also did not get this change which happened about one year ago already. No matter, these two networks are not really important anymore. Facebook and Instagram dominate and make mega bucks by selling advertising on your content.

This is about to change now.

8 provides a platform where creators and people own their content, and make 80% of the revenue from ads that appear on their posts. This will start reversing the 92 Billion dollar annual tidal wave that pounds into a few bank accounts in Silicon Valley and start returning it to those creating the wealth – the artists and the people!

8 - Creative People Change The World
8 – Creative People Change The World

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