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Two Models

To work with two models is always a challenge, especially when they’re of opposite sex. Normal posing does not really work for my kind of photos. So you have to be creative and do something a little different.

The image above can be quite well described by the term “peacocking”. The art of peacocking: Men behave better in front of women (and the hotter the woman, the more good deeds they will do). Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-2359291/The-art-peacocking-Men-behave-better-women-hotter-woman-good-deeds-do.html#ixzz4gkGuYyvT

During the past weeks all updates for members were either “girl-girl” or “boy-girl”. This will continue for some more days and I hope you’ve enjoyed the various photosets and videos so far.




… and you don’t always have to see all of both models 😉

Dea Donatella - dr_pepper_616-1628_r
Dea Donatella – dr_pepper_616-1628_r

Have fun!

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