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Why I support The8App

Bringing Power Back To The People

Sue Fennessy, Founder and CEO of The8App – Credit: The8App

Below some excerpts from the Forbes interview (May 9th) with Sue Fennessy:

  • I see an enormous injustice in the fact that people are spending 5 hours a day posting to social media platforms who are making billions of dollars from our content and yet people are not part of the economic equation. We are being stripped of our value. The8App puts the individual back into the center of the eco system, connecting them directly with brands to reward them for posting across all their social platforms.
  • The fact that the top 8 individuals on the planet have more wealth than the bottom 4 billion people on the planet is a shocking reality.
  • We believe micros and nanos are the future for brands. Micro influencers (3,000 to 100k followers) are getting paid anywhere from $50 to $2,000 a post, but the goal with The8App is that people are getting multiple offers a week and they can create some certainty and regularity with these offers. A nano influencer (10 to 3,000 followers) can also earn decent money – from $1 to $100 on any offer. With many brands tilting their focus towards the consumer level influencer, there are enormous possibilities for them.
  • Architecting a framework that puts the individual at the centre and then enables micro payments and micro giving across the globe was a big milestone.
  • Sustainability is woven into our DNA. Turn the 8 on its side and it is infinity. The infinite flow of wealth and abundance between brands and people and causes.


As a creative person who would like to continue to make a living from producing and selling digital content I really hope that the old unsocial media products from Fakebook Inc. will be slowly but surely replaced by fair frameworks like The8App.

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