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Female Beauty Combined With Nature

The style of a photographer is the result of his/her preferences and talent. Some try to copy someone and they probably just need more time to find their individual style. In my case I always liked most the combination of female beauty with nature. When I travelled first time to Sardinia the special landscapes fascinated me and they still do. It is, therefore not a surprise that most of my photos were made outside at beautiful locations like in Sardinia.

Capo Testa, Sardinia

I was e.g. often in Capo Testa (Sardinia) because it’s a challenge to combine the bizarre rock formations and special light conditions with female beauty. Many photosets made there are waiting for you in the Members Club. In case you don’t want a subscription you can get individual photo sets on my BentBox.

Stella van Gent – Capo Testa Rosso
Elizabeth Carson – Capo Testa
Ginger – Capo Testa
monique vegas_capo_testa_9362_r
Monique Vegas – Capo Testa
Capo Testa
Capo Testa © Karl Louis
Alisea Capo Testa Boots
Alisea Capo Testa Boots © Karl Louis
Capo Testa Boots
Capo Testa Boots © Karl Louis
Capo Testa_1992_r
Capo Testa_1992_r © Karl Louis
CapoTesta Latex
CapoTesta Latex © Karl Louis
Capo Testa Heels
Capo Testa Heels © Karl Louis

Has anybody spotted the little butterfly “attacking” the model? Most likely not because people pay attention to obvious things and not details. Often it is the details which make picture interesting.


Many photosets from Capo Testa show the combination of female beauty with nature and they are waiting for you in the Members Club.

Have a look also at my BentBox, where you can get individual photo sets and videos.

Below is a sample of an adventure of Francesca there. She’s wearing a sexy red latex dress and shows her curves.

Another example is Dea Donatella making the spectators happy in the same area.

All rights reserved © Karl Louis