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UNSOCIAL MEDIA – Fakebook, Twitter & Co

During the last months there was a lot of negative press for social media networks, especially Fakebook. Were you surprised or do you also have serious doubts about using them?

In the beginning of 2018 Zuckerberg vowed to “fix” Fakebook (see link on the bottom). Does he really mean it or will this just end up with some minor adjustments? So far, not much has changed.

The latest episode just happened in Czech Republic during the election of the president end of January 2018. On some websites fake stories were posted that Mr. Drahos was e.g. a pedophile and within hours shared all over Fakebook and Twitter. Guess who won the election, it was not Drahos but Zeman or as some say “Putin’s puppet” (see link at the bottom of this post).

Well, when Zuckerberg can still make money by letting people and companies post and share fake news, even the biggest fans of Fakebook should sooner or later start to rethink their attitude. The damage to societies though is already done. Older and less educated people simply don’t see it. Votes are casted, political decisions made with (negative) effects for years to come.

During my walks outside I often see people staring at phones and even swiping through Fakebook while walking in nature or crossing streets. This is totally insane and can be very dangerous but addicted people don’t realize this anymore. Fakebook’s apps were designed to have people spend as much time as possible on the network. I guess there are now more addicted to it than to alcohol, nicotin or opioids and the most surprising fact is that they don’t even know it or deny it. I’m not surprised that neither Steve Jobs did not or Tim Cook does not let his children/nephew be on social networks. I am also not surprised that two former top executives of Fakebook have warned of using the network (see links on bottom).
Jim Carrey decided to dump his stock and delete his page according to his tweet.

Social media should definetely get renamed to “unsocial” media and must get regulated. “The best things in life are free” surely doesn’t apply to free Fakebook. On the contrary, quality always has it’s price. Fakebook’s usage is free and that’s only possible because they don’t pay for their content and most of photos and videos (especially in closed and secret groups) are posted without permission. This is not only unethical but criminal. Fakebook is a “living, breathing crime scene” as one former tech insider says (see link below).

A lot of what was written about Fakebook is also true for Twitter and Instagram. Both are full of automated accounts (bots) and (fake) followers which can also be bought. I get offers almost every week. Some really must feel better when they have higher follower numbers. For fakers it does not matter when their followers are fake (see link about Influencer on Instagram below, in German). There are some supporters of Instagram claiming it helps your business. This is possible and Instagram is less political than Fakebook but it also keeps getting more and more commercialized. Goldman Sachs & Co want to see profits for their high investments.

There are alternatives. See e.g. my post about The8App, which brings power back to the people, or new decentralized networks using blockchain technology (see links below).

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