It’s never too late …

… to get rid of six-packs. Yes, it’s never too late!

“Wait a minute” I hear you saying. “Men do a lot to get them and you want me to get rid of them?”





Well, I mean these six-packs …  😉

        (2 x 6 x 1,5 L = 18 L ~ 18 KG)

Have you ever carried two of these six-packs home from shopping? Well, then you know how hard that can be because they’re heavy, approx. 18 kg. This is the weight I lost during the last year. I don’t have to “carry” this extra weight anymore in my daily life and believe me, I feel much better and am healthier.

What made this possible? A strict diet, starving, gym trainings,

weight lifting? No, none of these.

Do you also want to get rid of your overweight?
Are you fast out of breath when you run or walk uphill?
Are you fed up with overly processed foods?
Do you feel out of balance due to stress, work pressure and tension?
Are you even sometimes depressed?

Balance Body And Soul

In the next lifestyle posts I will explain further how to balance body and soul and how good aging is possible because the older you get the more important health should be in your life.

In my long career as a professional photographer I have met many models and know how important good looks are for them.

Keeping the weight down was a struggle for most, especially when they were already a little older. This is also very much true for men over 50, believe me, I know it for sure. For too long I have not paid enough attention to good aging. In my next post I will tell you what made me change my lifestyle for the better and how you can get rid of one, two or even three “six-packs” 😉 because it’s never too late.

Mens sana in corpore sano” is a well known statement everybody but not many can fully achieve that goal.  Stay tuned and you will find out how to get to new vitality, well-being and health!

Hereby a new category in my blog has begun, lifestyle. In contrary to many other blogs this one is based on personal experience only. All testimonials are verifiable. No photoshopped testimonial images, no Instagram-fake-influencing, no advertising-puppet-statements.