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Video Killed The Photo Star

VIDEO Killed The Photo Star

You most likely know the song from the buggles “Video Killed The Radio Star”.


Many years ago I decided to produce videos and I have to say it was the right decision. The interest in videos is increasing while in photos decreasing and therefore it is quite accurate to say that “Video Killed the Photo Star”.

Smartphones and social media have changed our society completely. While it is possible for everyone to create a photo it is still quite difficult for most people to produce a good video. People are increasingly getting tired of selfie-videos where the model is e.g. standing in front of a mirror or moving the cam around her body. To produce a video requires much more work, creativity and talent. When you go through the “trending” videos on YouTube you will quite fast realize that there was very often not so much talent involved  😉

Below are my latest 25 video trailers:


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Four Video Series On Demand
Four Video Series On Demand

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