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No Ads – No Trackers

Websites come and websites go – is over 22 years online and has no ads and no trackers! Since February 2000. That’s quite a while, don’t you agree?

We all get bombarded with advertising and so-called “influencers” want to tell us what to buy or to do. I’m proud not to have any advertising on my website and I also don’t want to influence anyone. I believe people should be smart enough to find out who they can trust or not.

Recently I removed all Google Analytics trackers from all my websites. Privacy matters and big tech does not respect this. Why? Well, they need to get their money from somewhere and what’s easier than sell their massive gathered data – about you!

The Decentralized Web

Today’s centralized web has no future. Tim Berners-Lee is right when he says the web must get re-decentralized. – picture: Henry Thomas

I really hope that his Solid technology makes our web soon as it used to be, decentralized. Companies like Fakebook will not survive in its present form. There are new social networks which respect privacy, e.g. Mastodon. I invite you to check it out, it’s also advertising free.

Unsocial Media

Use social media smart, otherwise you become unsocial. Have discussions with people in real life. There are too many liars, racists and nationalistic propaganda in our (digital) life.

Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

What/who makes the most noise is not necessarily the information we can trust or need. We have it all at our fingertips but who’s able to qualify it?

The Better Alternatives

Do we really need to search with Google, why not Ecosia?
Do we really have to surf with Chrome, why not with Brave?
Should we really message with WhatsApp, why not Signal?
Are you tired of getting bombarded with advertising?
More information about ad blockers by Jared Clark.

Well, enough talking.
Let’s go outside, take a walk or hike, sit on a bench and enjoy the view!

Enjoy your holidays!
Winter in Davos
Summer in Davos

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