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No matter what camera(s) you use you’re welcome to a PhotoWeekend in Prague.

We focus on how to get the best angle and a good connection to the model and we make sure we have the correct settings for all camera types (DSLR, mirrorless, compact, smartphone) and all tasks (night, sunlight, indoor, available light, LED portable light).

all the people
would use a smartphone only
to take their pictures

Have you ever tried to really make a photo with your smartphone?
Not just a selfie or a documentation, no, a real photo.

The photos above were made in the night next to the John Lennon Pub and John Lennon Wall in Prague with a Huawei P20pro. No photoshop, no editing, out-of-the-box. Just a small LED permanent light was used.

Below is the Making-of, enjoy!

October 2019

More info: PhotoWeekend Prague

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