Sicily 2010/11 Tour d'Europe

Escape The Winter (3)

Life is too short to freeze is one of my mottos and that’s why I escaped the winter 2010/11 by spending it in warm Sicily, the biggest island of the Mediterranean (Part 3), link to Part 1 and Part 2 of Escape The Winter.

Every good trip needs some planning. A big help was the “Sizilien Wohnmobil-Tourguide” (Reise Know How).

What was a big surprise to me is the fact that the Sicialians really know how to make delicous pastry. My breakfast usually consisted of a wonderful coffee and some absolutely great pastry. I know, some of you will say, not really healthy, but I don’t care 😉

Unfortunately Sicily is not really such a clean island but there are areas which are wonderful and have also really clean water. One example is the Zingaro National Park, a must-see.

Another must-see is the “via del sale”.

Yes, this is salt!

You can of course also enjoy wonderful sunsets.


More of “Escape The Winter” like “Desert” and “Yoga in the South” coming soon.

More yoga below!

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