It’s never too late …

… to improve your health.

A few days ago I successfully finished the Biotta Wellness Week again. I have been doing this for many years and I can highly recommend it. I always combine it with a multiple colon hydro cleaning.

” This is not about a rigorous fast, but about forgoing things temporarily, about moving away from hectic, unhealthy eating habits. “

During the past years I tried some products and did some research about nutrition (see previous lifestyle post ). For a while I used Unicity products. They are of high quality and I liked them (especially Unimate) but they are crazily overpriced and that’s what made me stop using them. To finance the people on top of the pyramid with strong overpricing is in my opinion unethical. Then I came across Dr. Greger’s book “How Not To Die” thanks to my son.

I have to admit that this changed my life once more. I switched to a plant-based diet. Find out more below:

Not much later I watched the movie “The Game Changers”.

If you have not done it yet, please watch the movie. It’s not only entertaining but will open your eyes about nutrition for sure.

I use on a daily basis the DAILY DOZEN app. It helps me to stay on the right track.

I have never felt better in my life healthwise and am glad and really thankful that I had the opportunity to learn more about nutrition and health.