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This is not an advertising for one of the best cameras, Leica, but it is a hommage to their excellent technology which is in the Pro Huawei smartphone cameras.

I own a HUAWEI P20pro. Right when it was launched some years ago I bought it and have never regretted this purchase. I hardly ever carry my big Canon cameras anymore with me, except for arranged shootings and workshops. They have sort of become obsolete.

The P30pro and P40pro are even better (especially for videos and selfies). You can see it at the DXOMARK rating below.

Have a look at the out-of-the-box images below, taken on May 7, 2020 in the Botanical Garden, Prague (not edited or filtered, just resized).

All rights reserved © Karl Louis
All rights reserved © Karl Louis

Click on the picture below to see it in original resolution.

All rights reserved © Karl Louis
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All rights reserved © Karl Louis
All rights reserved © Karl Louis

It is a fact even if many photographers still don’t want to accept it. Mobile photography is dominant. “The best camera is the one you have always with you” and that statement is now true more than ever before.

Below a night photography example, made also with the mobile smartphone camera of the P20 pro (during one of my workshops in Prague).

Karl Louis PhotoWeekend Prague 2019

All rights reserved © Karl Louis