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Stella van Gent

When she visited me first I was impressed how elegant and stylish she was and of course I could not believe how loooooooong her legs were.
That was the beginning of about 52 shootings with Stella van Gent.

Stella van Gent – Photo and Video Shootings Overview

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Stella proved being an excellent model right during the first shooting. What else do you need for a great photo? She has the longest legs in business, a sexy booty and is willing to show her pussy piercing wearing a jacket, stockings and high heels. Wanna see it uncensored? JOIN NOW!

It was fun to work with Stella and she liked being photographed by me.

She did remove her hands and showed her sexy pussy piercing.
Wanna see it?

Stella van Gent Shootings

Some Stella van Gent updates of the members club are following.

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Read more about the Legdiva shooting below on HCE

Stella van Gent is of course on HCE –

All I can say after so many years is: I’m really glad that I could work with her and spend also some fun time together like below in Sardinina.

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