New Video Cuts

Why are a new video cuts important? Aren’t they just warmed up old content?

A new cut of an existing video might contain old content, yes, but there might also new content being added and the old scenes are maybe shown in a different way so they even look as new.

Sometimes it is necessary to make a new cut to improve an existing video. A good example is LATEXXX SESSION.

During the last months many new video cuts were added to the members club and more will be added in the next weeks. Below are some samples:

Francesca in golden hotpants 80s look at the Sardinian marina
Francesca in a black see through body
Showing pink and having fun in the ocean with Francesca
Stella van Gent and Francesca Felucci in kinky games in neon red
It is not only the lollipop which makes this video special
Francesca can escape from being kept as a sex slave
A real navy uniform

Of course also new videos will be available soon.

Francesca presenting you some of her actions in red
It is not so easy to dance in a tight red corset
Elizabeth Carson enjoying the view in Costa Amalfitana

All rights reserved Karl Louis