Amalfi View with Elizabeth Carson is a documentary video. She likes the Costa Amalfitana not only because of the beautiful land and seascape, no, also because of the great food and lifestyle.
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Elizabeth is on her way for a prosecco at one of the cool bars in Amalfi. She’s wearing a tight white dress which emphasizes her curves.

When she gets to the party she is immediately enjoying Prosecco.

She really enjoys her Prosecco and the fact that all eyes are on her. She even pulls down her dress and exposes her wonderful titts. What a view!

Elizabeth showing her breasts and hard nipples having a Prosecco in Amalfi – The party organizer wanted this image to be censored – © Karl Louis

Liz is posing for the party guests, showing first her front and then much longer her backside. Do you have any idea why?

Elizabeth Carson Amalfi White Dress
Elizabeth showing her front in tight white dress in Amalfi © Karl Louis
Liz is showing her wonderful butt to the party guests and they can’t have enough of her.

Costa Amalfitana View

Elizabeth changes her outfit. She is wearing hotpants and a top and is enjoying the great view at a look-out point. Are you surprised that also the men driving by are happy with the view? They beep their horns in appreciation and several accidents almost happen.

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The day after the party Elizabeth is getting an invitation for lunch with the party organizer. He picked an excellent restaurant with an incredible view. She is dressed casual but still very sexy, wearing a jeans miniskirt and a white wifebeater top.

A typical lunch is served. Elizabeth is enjoying the food and the view.

After a good meal Elizabeth is always ready for a hot adventure.

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Who knows what will happen later in the afternoon …

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All rights reserved Karl Louis