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Marquis Rooftop

We are in the year 2000 on the rooftop of Marquis in Solingen, Germany. This blog post is about a photographer who has been inspiring me all those years. Thanks Peter, for letting me attend the shooting you had with Elizabeth Carson and for letting me take a few pictures. Peter’s pics you can enjoy in Marquis Magazine No.21. Visit also his website!

Marquis Magazine No. 21

As it is with most shootings, you need to prepare well to get good results.

Peter Czernich making Elizabeth Carson’s outfit nice and shiny

The Marquis rooftop is a very cool location and it was a lot of fun to work up there.

Peter Czernich on Marquis Rooftop with Elizabeth Carson
Peter Czernich and Elizabeth Carson

Using the right angle is important and Peter Czernich knew exactly what he was doing.

Making-of Peter Czernich photographing Elizabeth Carson
The result of this (making-of) you can see below
Peter Czernich photo of Elizabeth Carson for Marquis Magazine
Photo made by Peter Czernich for Marquis

Photographers worked with film at that time and the pictures have a special look which I like a lot. How about you?
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