Digital Detox

Refresh your mind, recharge your batteries, enjoy real life, quality time, family time, … to do all this you might need a DIGITAL DETOX first.


For my members and fans nothing changes.
Members continue to get their top quality content.

Social Media

Social media though is on a summer break. No tweets, no posts on Instagram or MeWe. You can’t do a digital detox unless you avoid social media completely. Zuckerberg, Dorsey and all the others don’t want you to avoid their products but you have to. It is essential for your mental (and physical) well-being.
Many people think they can’t live without social media and you see them staring at their devices even when they’re out in nature or at a beach. “Quickly checking what’s going on” is something else. Many are totally addicted and the dopamine response in their brain is triggered very similar to drug or alcohol use.

So, when you next time think you have to check your mobile, think twice. Do you really have to check? Can’t it wait? Let’s not forget that too much of something is never good.


Enjoy the summer!