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PhotoWeekend Prague 2022 October 8/9

(Updated June 23, 2022)
During the last months people often asked me when there is a new workshop. Well, it has simply not been possible to hold such an event for a very long time and with the ongoing pandemic situation it is still not 100% sure but I can announce now the date for the next PhotoWeekend Prague 2022, October 8/9.


My workshops give participants the possibility to bring in their opinions and wishes on a much higher level.

What would you like to do? What are your most important wishes? Do you prefer a classic workshop (any location) or a photo weekend in Prague? Are you interested in video? How important is equipment for you?

Workshop Liquid Latex Black with Francesca Felucci

We all must discuss the following points first. Yes, this includes input of the future participants:

  • Location
  • Topics
  • Models
  • Date

Please let me know your thoughts in an email to in the next weeks.

Have a look at the workshop page and the photoweekend prague page. In the workshop archive you can have a look at photos and videos of previous workshops. This should be more than just entertaining and give you ideas what could be done in future workshops.

Workshop Liquid Latex Black with Francesca Felucci

Will you be part of the PhotoWeekend Prague 2022 on October 8/9?
Thanks a lot for your participation and help in all the workshops!

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