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Excellent Royalty Program

No, the models will not cook for you when you become a member, but the Royalty Program of my members club is really excellent.

You need all the good ingredients and the knowledge how to use them and the result will be satisfying.

When you subscribe to my members club you don’t just get high quality content. Most of all you get daily updates (except in the summer months July and August every other day).

What about the royalty? Well this is important. Long-term members (min. 6 months) get FREE access to the VIP Lounge of

Excellent Royalty Program
Excellent Royalty Program

So, what are you waiting for? Sign up and become a member and then later get the free VIP upgrade as a bonus.

Excellent Royalty Program

You have the choice! You can become a regular member of or and then get the free VIP upgrade after 6 months or you can buy the life-time access to the VIP Lounge with a one-time payment. This is the Excellent Royalty Program.

Now let’s enjoy the pasta and a glass of red wine or do you want much rather a pizza?

You can get this set with 19 photos of Marina cooking on my BentBox!

You can get this set with 30 sexy photos of Francesca on my BentBox!

And then at the end you can enjoy a single malt with Francesca. Doesn’t that sound good?

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