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Dea Donatella

It is not easy to describe Dea Donatella because she has so many different looks and attributes you can use. In total I was able to have of about 72 shootings with this Goddess of Eroticism.

Dea Donatella – Photo and Video Shootings Overview

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Donatella is indeed the Goddess of Eroticism and not only because she has nice big boobs and a very sexy big booty.

She’s damn sexy!

I was lucky to shoot her even completely naked several times because usually she did not show her titts or pussy uncovered.

Yes, she stripped off all her clothes and was totally naked in my photo studio …

Shootings with her were always exciting. She knows how to get the attention. She is a domina, a lady, a vamp, a sex bomb and a real eye candy. Can you imagine what happened to the spectators when she spread her legs and even showed her pussy piercing?

When we were shooting once in Sardinia she took off all her clothes, lifted the black cloth up and fully exposed her naked body in front of some very happy guys. I will never forget that as you probably can understand 😉

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