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Wicked Weasel Colors

The Wicked Weasel Colors series starts in Sardinia at the beach. Elizabeth Carson is booked for a bikini shooting but not any bikini, no, a brand new white Wicked Weasel bikini.

Showing her famous backside.

When this bikini gets wet it becomes almost 100% see-through. Not every woman is willing to wear such a bikini. Elizabeth likes to wear exactly this kind of bikini. She invites her VIP members to special shootings and poses for them e.g. at the pool.

She is used to the fact, that her fans want to see her mostly from behind and she likes to show her sexy booty.

How do you like the black (transparent) bikini. It is already super hot when it is not even wet.

Of course she makes it wet and the VIP member is now so horny that he wants her 100%. Elizabeth is ready and gives him ultimate pleasure.

Also the pink bikini looks damn hot on her and the invited spectators are busy with their hard cocks while Elizabeth is spreading her legs and looking at the guys.

The same is true for this orange one and Elizabeth knows how to present it in her special sexy way.

Another day she invites again some VIP members and they enjoy her big pussy lips and the piercing clearly visible under the wet yellow bikini. Elizabeth is very horny and she shows even her tongue.

The tiniest bikini bottom is the light blue one. Elizabeth has again invited two VIP members to watch the shooting. She makes the top and bottom even completely wet. Elizabeth closes her eyes and knows what the guys are doing. She can hear them breathing and wanking heavily.

Wicked Weasel Fitness

Another VIP member has a special wish. He likes fitness action and that’s why they are now in the photo studio. The male model and the VIP member are watching Elizabeth turning them on in her Wicked Weasel fitness outfit.

Elizabeth takes off the outfit, puts on a black Wicked Weasel string and then she is showing her muscles topless. The VIP member can’t get enough of her “Gluteus Maximus”.

She puts on a white kimono and aks the model to get naked. He is now undressed and she is showing him her boobs looking straight at him.

His cock is getting hard. Also the VIP member has a huge erection. Elizabeth takes off her kimono and plays with her nipples.

Elizabeth does not want to wait any longer. She goes down and starts sucking his cock.

Then she is in the cat pose sucking him more and looking at the VIP member. She knows that he is about to explode soon.

She turns around and says “fuck me hard and long from behind!” Elizabeth keeps looking at the VIP member while she gets it hard doggystyle.

“Do Y O U want to give it to me hard and long too?”

Get me enough cold Prosecco and maybe something else …

and you can enjoy me too in Wicked Weasel and all positions!

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