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Elizabeth Carson

Elizabeth Carson starts her modelling career in the fashion business the classic way with showrooms and catwalks. She’s first famous for her legs and then she gets also known for her sexy booty. Her special talent was very fast discovered by several photographers.
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Instead of just showing a pantyhose the traditional way you can also do it like below.

Wolford Fatale – Photo B. Torricelli for Blick

TV and talk show appearances follow quite fast and not much later Elizabeth is one of the most wanted erotic models. She starts her own websites and really has a latex fetish. Result: she becomes the Swiss Lady Latexxx not only because of her sexy booty 😉

She has her breast enlarged and this boosts her career even more.

She never really has a problem to wear the right outfit.

Wherever she is she gets the attention.

She’s gaining weight and the result is great. Her bigger booty bounces nicely when she is walking…

and getting it doggystyle.

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