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Garden Party

Vodka Orange is served to all (male) guests of Elizabeth Carson’s garden party. She invited a few of her members again.

The guests are in a good mood and so is Elizabeth. She takes off her top and shows her hard nipples.

Then she has some more Vodka Orange and says “I know that you want me to use my tongue on something else…”

Elizabeth takes her hotpants off and shows her booty. Then she makes herself comfortable again on the blue Karasek garden chair. She’s spreading her legs wide and starts masturbating. It does not take long for her first orgasm and then she sticks her finger in the mouth and says “I know what you want me to do now …”

She continues playing with her hard nipples and clitoris and her next orgasm is even more intense.

She’s lifting her legs up in the air and says “Who wants to cum on my face?” Elizabeth has her mouth open and her tongue out.

Will you be the first one?

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