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The Booty Lovers Club 4

A group of men meets from time to time and enjoys, not only but mostly, the female derrière. They invite models from all over the world to perform for them like for this adventure The Booty Lovers Club (4).

After the ebony model in adventure 3 they decided on a blonde showgirl from Las Vegas, Syn. First they want her to look at the funny “Kinky Business” booklet wearing black/blue lingerie and ballerina boots.

Next she has to pose just wearing a red fishnet top and red high heels. Syn walks to the other side of the room and looks out of the window. What a phantastic place but impossible to pose next to the window.

Then Syn has to wear red latex gloves and high heels only. Would she be willing to expose her naked body? The want her to pose on a red case. Syn’s pussy is fully visible when she shows her nice round booty to them. She looks back and can see that they like how she performs. One guy has his cock out already and is wanking.

They want to find if she posed even more explicitly for them. Red latex tape is put on her and she has to pose with a fire extinguisher. When they ask her to fully expose her booty and pussy she shows her middle finger but is smiling at the same time.

She turns around and does exactly what they wanted. Syn looks back at them and knows she does it right.

Can you imagine what happens afterwards? Rest assured that the members of the Booty Lovers Club are totally happy also in this adventure (4).

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