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Show Us More!

Show us more! This sentence Elizabeth hears very very often at the end of fashion shootings. She is used to horny men, huge erections, nasty words, and therefore she knows what to say and how to react in the best way. Let’s look at 2 examples of shootings in the woods.

Show Us More Example 1

Elizabeth has a shooting for a fashion company. She has to model various leather coats in the woods.

And then it comes, the sentence: Show Us More! and Elizabeth knows how to get their erections even harder. She is pulling down her dress slowly.

Showing her backside for a long time to the guys makes them go crazy.

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Example 2

Elizabeth has a shooting with a pantyhose company and is showing various stockings and pantyhose.

And then she hears the sentence again: Show Us More! Her nipples are hard and so are their cocks. Elizabeth enjoys the situation of being surrounded by horny men who’d do anything to get more from her.

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Here are two similar fashion shooting adventures for you to enjoy!

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