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Member Shooting

Sometimes models get special requests from their fans/members. They want e.g. a Member Shooting.
This adventure is based on a true story with Elizabeth Carson and one of her members.

Elizabeth turns up the music and starts dancing in her black hotpants right in front of her member and he starts taking pictures.

She takes off her hotpants and dances now naked for him. Her breast and pussy are fully exposed.

She knows that he wants to see her from behind. and she turns around. Click, click, click …

This member is a fan of her pussy piercing and big pussy lips and he wants to take some pictures from below. Elizabeth agrees, stands above him and looks down at him. She can see now how fast he is getting hard.

Elizabeth tells him to put the camera away and to wank his cock hard while he keeps looking at her pussy. She comes down closer to his face and starts talking dirty to him. “You would like me to suck your big cock, wouldn’t you? You would like to fuck me hard from behind, wouldn’t you? Can you see how wet my pussy is. All ready for your big cock. I want you to cum now. Show me all your sperm!” and it does not take much longer till he has an intense orgasm.

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