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Elizabeth offered a special service to her VIP members: Members Pix Seduction. She would visit the members at home or at a hotel room and let them take pictures of her. They could choose the outfit and style of pictures.

First she puts make-up on in the bathroom.

Then the outfit that was given to her by the VIP member, e.g. a blue and white swimdress and she starts posing. The member can then take as many pictures as he wants.

Another VIP member is a big fan of her booty and therefore he has her posing in a striped tiny string only. He lives in an apartment next to a street and wants her to pose on the small balcony so people can see her from the street and they enjoy the free show.

Another VIP member is fan of her long legs and has her pose in front of a mirror.

Another VIP member wants her naked on the sofa oiling her body.

Most VIP members get really turned on, like the last example (see above). He wanted her to pose in front of him on the floor in black see-thru body and then gets turned on so much that he takes off all his clothes. The member wants her to rub his cock with her hands covered by thin black gloves and talk to him really dirty.

Most of the time she gives them at the end a great blowjob or lets them even fuck her in their most liked position.

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Most of these photos were made by members and edited by KL.

Elizabeth likes to pose for her members and seduce them. Do you want to see more of her? Check below!

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