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Elizabeth Carson needed some new stools for her bar. She found exactly what she needed and was ready to buy. The sales manager who took care of her was very interested in Elizabeth and started a conversation. When she told him about her being a model he got even more curious. He asked if she would do some pictures for him private with the bar stools instead of paying for them. The question was only: where? When he helped her to bring the stools to her car she said “why not here in the parkhaus“? He agreed and Elizabeth took her top off and started posing.
This adventure is based on a true story.
All pictures were taken with an analogue camera.

She sat on a stool and presented her little breasts for him. He was mostly interested in her booty but he also liked her big hard nipples.

Elizabeth suggested to take some pictures with a yellow dress she had in the car from her last fashion shooting. She knew of course that he liked her booty and lifted the dress all the way up. She turned around and asked him if he would like to wank and smiled when he started to unbutton his trousers.

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