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Spontaneous is the best, do you agree? Elizabeth Carson Aufzug proves it as you can see.

He liked her elegant look, her tight dress, the stockings the high heels and he wanted to grab her booty right there at the Aufzug (elevator). She knew it would happen.

Elizabeth was right. She could feel his hands on her booty and most of all his erection.

He could not wait any longer, pulled his trousers down, lifted her leg up and penetrated her right there in the Aufzug. She enjoyed it and encouraged him to do it hard and deep by pushing on his buttock.

Elizabeth gave him a long blowjob after and she exposed her booty. She enjoyed it as much as he did and she wanted more.

Yes,Elizabeth wanted more of him, much more. She turned around and told him to fuck her hard and long from behind.

Give it to me hard and long!

They continued their intense session in the hotel room.

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