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Elizabeth likes him

“She likes him” is about Elizabeth who justs finished a fashion show and some shootings. She had to present elegant and sexy costumes to a group of investors at different locations. Elizabeth had to be a secretary and business woman in offices and do shootings in a studio and locations.

This adventure (She likes him) is based on a true story.
All pictures were taken with an analogue camera.

At the end of the shooting they all had drinks in the photographer’s house. Elizabeth liked one of the investors and kept talking with him.

Everybody left except him and she came closer to him and said “Why don’t you stay a little longer. I like you.”

She started to take off her costume.

Elizabeth really liked the guy and started to give him a blowjob.

They moved over to the sofa and she continued to suck his big cock and he enjoyed her hard nipples.

Not much later they ended up in the bedroom where she was riding him till she had several orgasms.

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