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Pantyhose Seduction

A group of pantyhose lovers are meeting for a special event. The Goddess of Eroticism, Dea Donatella, is performing for them a Pantyhose Seduction of the ultimate class. She is wearing a seamless pantyhose and high heels only and is laying with one leg stretched out on the wooden floor. Donatella can barely cover her huge breasts and is looking up to the group of men.

She knows what they expect from her but she is taking her time and she wants the seduction to be perfect. Donatella lifts her booty up but covers her pussy with her hand.

She is moving a bit sideways but covers her big breast again with her hand.

She looks up to them and says: “I know that you want to see my boobs, my pussy, my ass uncovered. I will let you see everything but I want something in exchange. Should we start the show now?” Donatella turns and is laying on her back, lifting her hips up and covering her pussy with one hand and most of her breast with the other arm. “I let you see one nipple and I am playing with my pussy now. Open your zippers, take out your cocks and let me see what you’ve got, boys!”

And she really moves her hand and lets them see her pussy. Then she moves her hand under the pantyhose and starts masturbating but always looking at the guys. They are now also very busy wanking their hard cocks.

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