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Blue Stairs

Elizabeth got booked for a fashion shooting with cooling tubes. The shooting took place at stairs and blue light was used. She had to wear an elegant black dress and black stiletto high heels. Additionally for some pics they placed the tubes around her neck, arms and hips.
This adventure “Elizabeth Carson – Blue Stairs” is based on a real story.

The shooting crew liked her long legs and wanted to take more pics.

The atmosphere got relaxed and they wanted some sensual photos. Elizabeth agreed to show her boobs and her nipples got really hard because she was very much turned on showing her body to this group of men.

They asked her if she could take her dress off because they wanted her to pose nude just with the cooling tubes around her neck and Elizabeth agreed.

The Blue Stairs Party

The boss of the shooting crew suggested to take a break and have some vodka on ice. Elizabeth got many compliments from the guys. She laughed and started dancing with her vodka glass in her hand. A party mood evolved and one guy said he was a total booty addict and that he liked her ass a lot. “Can you do a booty show for us, Elizabeth?” he asked. She smiled and said “I can try it.” They all went down to the lower stairs. The guys sat down and Elizabeth in the cat position and therefore, her ass was nicely exposed.

They liked it but wanted more and she pulled the white string to the side.

She looked back and said “I know you want my booty” while she was touching her buttock. The guys could see her big pussy lips.

Elizabeth could see how excited they all were and she noticed that a guy was taking lines from a small silver tray and he passed it to the others. “You should also take some, Elizabeth” he said and put the little tray down next to her. One guy poured some vodka in a glass for Elizabeth. Soon she was feeling the flash, got in an excited mood and looked back at them.

You like my booty, don’t you? I can see your big and hard cocks!

The Blue Stairs Orgy

She bent down some more and started to masturbate while exposing her booty to them. Elizabeth looked back from time to time and saw them all wanking their cocks. Then one guy stood up and came up to her on the stairs. He said “suck my cock, you bitch!”

Elizabeth started sucking his big one. He thrusted it deep in her throat and it did not take long for him to cum in her mouth. She had to gag because of all the cum in her mouth. The next guy came, put his cock in her mouth and the third guy started to fuck her hard and long from behind at the same time. What an orgy!

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