how to present photos

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there are 2 frameless versions which i prefer and therefore highly recommend:
on dibond or behind acrylic glass. you can of course also have any classic framing.

it depends also on the type of photo, where it will be displayed and whether you want a glossy look or a more discreet one.

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dibond is your choice if you want it light, easy to mount, durable and less expensive.

acrylic is your choice if you want it highly decorative, if you like a light 3d effect, if you want to use a backlight and if you don't care so much about the cost. big advantage: you can adjust e.g. the backlight, which gives you more control of the visibility of a photography (see right side top). after you made the selection which photos, you decide which size and kind of presentation. sometimes it looks great to have 3 photos of a kind.
color & shapes

color is also very important. i'm sure you'll find the right picture for the spot in your appartment, office or wherever you wanna hang it. thanks to the cooperation with a specialist we can print almost on any material - which means you can even hang your pictures outside because they are water- and sunlight-proof.

of course you can adjust the shape of the framing to your furniture. almost anything is possible nowadays if you have the right partners!

it is also possible to adjust the color saturation of a photo so it fits perfectly e.g. to your sofa in the living room.

to really support you to make the right decision i can show you the differencies directly in your office, house or gallery.

contact me and we can arrange a meeting.