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CAMPER TIPS   ver. 5.2.12

unexperienced campers should think twice before coming here. there is hardly any infrastructure like campgrounds. transfer to the islands is quite expensive and takes long. ferry prices have gone down lately but are still quite high. you should stay a longer time. it does not make sense to rush the island hopping. you will for sure miss the nicer spots.

while an average german tourist uses about 450 liters of water per day here (geo special) people travelling with campers will be much more careful with this precious resource. we managed to use 20 litres a day per person including a short daily shower. it is for sure a help that on most public beaches you'll find showers which are also usable to fill your water tank. you can't drink this water though.  in the mountains and at some picknick places there is drinking water available but often the fountains are shut down. water is private business here and it gets more and more  difficult to provide water for everybody. there are just a few campgrounds and they are usually full in the winter with long-term-campers from germany and other northern countries. you will find can use to fill you.

the main streets are mostly in very good condition. just the smaller are sometimes steep, bumpy and quite curvy especially in the mountains leading to the small villages.



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