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Cea Chia Top Beaches

The top beaches in Europe you’ll find in Sardinia. Let me show you some in these high-res photosets and videos eg. of “Cea Chia Top Beaches”.

Please understand that the real hot and explicit high-res photos are for members only. Below are some low-res mostly SFW samples. Most photos are simply too explicit but you can enjoy them all here and you can even preview all members club updates.

Chia Beach

Chia Double Beach

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Cea Beach

This spectacular beach on the east coast is known for its red rocks, Is Scoglius Arrubius (gli scogli rossi). You can see them sometimes in the background of some photos and e.g. the short trailer “Cea Stringbody” below with Francesca Felucci.

Many more photos and videos were produced on these great beaches of Sardinia as you can see below.

Cea Pink
Cea Pink Fishnet
Cea Yellow
Cea Chiosco
Cea Yellow

… and just for fun some GIFs

Cea Stringbody GIF
Stringbody GIF © Karl Louis

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There are too many beautiful beaches in Sardinia to list them all here and therefore, I can only show a few samples here.

Wind and Waves Playboy

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