2018 Year End Thoughts

Well, if you asked me end of 2017 if things could get worse in 2018 I would have said “let’s hope not”. I was wrong as my “2018 Year End Thoughts” prove.

2018 has been the weirdest of all years for me. We have more “information at our fingertips” than ever but has it really increased the quality of our life?

When I see people staring at their mobiles even while walking on the streets or out in nature and swiping through more “influencing posts” on Instagram, “reading” more fake stories on Fakebook, trying to digest more tweets full of lies from the criminal in the White House, I simply can’t believe how much “social” media has worsened the world.

We are more divided than ever, we get lied to more than ever, we are mislead more than ever. Why the hell don’t we change this? What happened to our common sense?

We all have to move with the times but the times move faster and faster. There are many who can’t (or don’t want to) keep up with this crazy pace anymore. The polarisation of society is becoming a real danger for our life.

The right-wing is fighting against the left, the nationalists scream, “America First, Italy First, Hungary First, …” and it seems the louder they scream the bigger our problems become. Many complain about Fakebook but keep using it. New networks like MeWe make promises to do it better. Can we believe it? Sorry, but I really don’t know, no predictions, time will tell.

Enjoy your holidays!

enjoy your holidays!
Enjoy your holidays!

Nature has brought us winter again, snow is falling, presents are given, candles are lit up, special food and drinks are enjoyed. Let us do everything possible to “make our planet great again” – for our children’s sake.

Wish you all nice holidays!

Karl Louis