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PhotoWeekend Prague 2022

(Updated Oct 16, 2022)

The PhotoWeekend Prague 2022 workshop was great.

We followed our lead model Francesca everywhere and we really enjoyed it a lot!

Here she’s wearing ultratight leggings from slinkystylez.

Check back soon – more content coming.

The first images from the workshop are already online for members. JOIN NOW!

Lady Francesca showing her leggings collection.

1st the ultratight white and transparent
in front of a TV. JOIN NOW!

2nd are the ultratight black and shiny.

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Domina Francesca dressed all in black leather is ready for her slave.

Francesca is calling a pro masseur and does not know what to wear to open the door …

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Should I wear the shiny light pink kimono?
Well, I have some champagne first …

The Dangerous Games 11 – Part 1 and 2 videos you can watch as a member.

She knows, this is the outfit and she calls the masseur …

The Dangerous Games 11 – Part 1 and 2 videos you can watch as a member.

Yes, Francesca picked the right outfit.
Can’t wait for the video?

The Dangerous Games 11 – Part 1 and 2 videos you can watch as a member.

Domina Francesca seduces her slave. She makes him horny and then uses him for her own pleasure.

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The Dangerous Games 11 – Part 1 and 2 videos you can watch as a member.

More coming soon!

During the last months people often asked me when there is a new workshop. Well, it has simply not been possible to hold such an event for a very long time. The PhotoWeekend Prague 2022 could finally take place and the next one is maybe in spring and/or fall 2023 – BOOK NOW!


YOU make the program

My workshops give participants the possibility to bring in their opinions and wishes on a much higher level.

What would you like to do? What are your most important wishes? Do you prefer a classic workshop (any location) or a photo weekend in Prague? Are you interested in video? How important is equipment for you? Do you prefer available light? What mobile lights do you have?

Prague - Francesca Felucci - Glitter
Night Glitter – Prague -Francesca Felucci

We all must discuss the following points first. Yes, this includes input of the future participants:

  • Location
  • Topics
  • Models
  • Date

Please let me know your thoughts in an email to in the next weeks.

Have a look at the workshop page and the photoweekend prague page. In the workshop archive you can have a look at photos and videos of previous workshops. This should be more than just entertaining and give you ideas what could be done in future workshops.

PhotoWeekend Prague
Prague – Andreea C. and Francesca Felucci during PhotoWeekend

Will you be part of the next PhotoWeekend Prague?

Thanks a lot for your interest or even better, participation and help in all the workshops!