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Dangerous Games 10

The Leggings Business Lady is showing her collection at a fashion exhibition and is now getting ready for her customer. She invited him to her private room. She picks her outfit to get the strongest impact and did the right choice as we can see in this episode, Dangerous Games 10.

First she offers him a Vodka.

The customer is fascinated by her white transparent leggings with the ultratight fight on her body. He wants her to stand up and show him how great they look on her.

These leggings are perfect for her booty but when she turns around …

… her cameltoes are nicely and fully visible. Francesca is posing for him and notices the erection under his business suit. He is big and hard as a rock already.

She keeps showing the different sexy leggings and continues with a yellow pair in reality and on TV.

Next follows a metallic silver pair and she presents them wearing a black leather jacket and high heels. Francesca even opens the zipper.

Before she shows him the speciality of the turquoise leggings she enjoys some Prosecco.

Then she is sitting on the chair, spreading her legs wide and this results in her pussy being fully visible. The Ouvert leggings’ secret has just been presented. The customer can’t sit anymore, opens his zipper and is standing with his erected cock next to Francesca.

She keeps her leggings on all the time, even when he fucks her hard from behind. What a special kick and turn on for leggings lovers!

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