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Showroom Legwear

In the beginning of Elizabeth’ fashion model career she is often booked for showrooms. A showroom is a place where usually one model only is showing clothes, swimwear, shoes, etc. to a small group of people. It is like a private fashion show or sales event. Quite often drinks are being served and music is played. In this adventure a legwear company has Elizabeth showing stockings and pantyhose to 3 clients.
Showroom Legwear is based on a real story.

The owner is also in the showroom and Elizabeth is presenting first black stockings and different black bodies.

The last body is on top transparent and her nipples are visible. The black stockings look great on her nice legs.

Next Elizabeth shows stockings, garterbelt, string and bra all in black.

One guy asks her to show it on the floor in a cat pose and she goes down on the carpet floor.

The clients and the owner are having some drinks as the sales talk are successful. They offer Elizabeth also a Vodka, which she gladly enjoys.

Elizabeth is Topless

The atmosphere in the showroom is now more relaxed and the owner wants her to model topless wearing a special pantyhose only. She’s standing with the back to the men and is waiting what will be next.

Elizabeth try to cover her big pussy lips and her pussy piercing with her hands

“Please turn around, Elizabeth!” She is looking back and knows what is going on. One of the 3 clients has his cock already out and is wanking. “Well, that was fast” she’s thinking.

Her hard nipples are already visible and she feels aroused and in a good mood

“Come Elizabeth, let’s have more Vodka!” She is turning around and covering her pussy with both hands but her hard nipples are clearly visible for everyone.

Elizabeth is turned on and she knows that the guys want more from her.

One of the clients starts talking to her. “Come closer and kneel down, Elizabeth! Take good care of him …” and he grabs her head and his huge cock is in her mouth.

She has no choice but to suck his big cock – that’s how you get the good fashion jobs and she has learnt that fast.

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The costumes showroom adventure below:

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