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Ultratight Ouvert Leggings

Francesca received an invitation for a garden party. What will she wear? Well, she dressed very sexy in a transparent top and ultratight blue ouvert leggings and high heels.
Do you know what “Ouvert” means?

The guy sitting opposite of her could not believe his eyes when Francesca started to drink and spread her legs. Was it really possible that her pussy lips were showing? Incredible. This could not be true. Were these leggings on purpose made like this? That would be too much, but he liked it.

When they were sitting there alone Francesca leaned back and spread her legs even more. He could now see her clitoris and got really hard and he wanted more of Francesca.

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Ultratight Ouvert Video

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Enjoy another leggings adventure with Francesca and Stella! Those two models were among the first wearing ultratight leggings and made them popular.

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