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Silver Seduction

Young fashion model Elizabeth has the possibility to make some extra money during the holidays and accepts to have a special “Silver” fashion shooting in her house.
This adventure “Silver Seduction” is based on a true story.
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First they want to see her in a long and elegant silver evening dress with high heels posing at the glass bar.

Then she has to pose in the cat position on the bar stools, which is a bit unusual for a fashion shooting she thinks.

“We all know that you have great legs and a very sexy booty, Elizabeth …  lift your dress and show us your stockings.”

“We want you to change your outfit now. Put on the silver miniskirt with the top and the plateau high heels and then we go to the other room.” Elizabeth likes the new outfit. It is very tight and the skirt is very short. She also likes the high heels. They are higher and make her legs even longer.

“Put your leg up on the chair and close your eyes.”

“Keep your eyes closed. Our young assistant, who organized this shooting will now sit on the chair and touch your lower leg.”

“Now you can open your eyes? Isn’t he an attractive young man? He really admires your. Why don’t you turn around and sit on his lap? Move your booty on him and look to the camera! You can do a hot lapdance, Elizabeth!”

Elizabeth keeps looking at him while she moves her sexy booty on him. She can feel his erection in his pants. He is hard as a rock already.

Silver Seduction Getting Hot

“And now you turn around, take his pants off, go down and look up to him. He likes it when you use your nails on him.”

“He wants you so badly to lick his cock and give him a blowjob. Will you do that, Liz?”
Elizabeth took out his cock from his underpants and was glad that he was normal in size. Very often she is confronted with huge hard cocks and it is not always fun to have them in your mouth and pussy.

“Get on the black chair in the cat pose and look to the camera. The assistant will now lift your skirt and put his cock on your sexy booty. He always wanted to rub himself on your naked booty.”

“Most of all he wants being naked and feel and touch your sexy body. He will now undress completely and you get on the bed again in the cat pose looking to the camera. He will kiss your booty, lick your ass, and …”

Elizabeth gets it now in all positions from him – very very long! No one ever fucked her longer than this young assistant.

He almost fucks her out of bed. Elizabeth has to hold herself on the floor. He is fucking her hard, very hard and extremely long. He enjoys especially doggystyle and keeps looking at her booty while he is pounding her. She keeps thinking “thanks goodness his cock is normal. I would not survive this with a huge cock.”

The session is now already going on for over 1 hour and he still has not cum. What should she do? She is tired already but tries again an intense blowjob. No success, he is still hard and no orgasm. Then she has an idea. She massages and sucks his cock while stimulating his anus with her fingers.

And then … it finally happens, he is cuming – very intense.
The session is finally over!

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