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Fitness Seduction

A fitness equipment company booked Elizabeth for a shooting. She has to pose in a red swimsuit with their fitness equipment. Part of the payment is a free workout-station for her private fitness studio.
This adventure Fitness Seduction is based on a true story.

It was a very easy shooting for Elizabeth and when they are finished they ask her to put on some red high heels and do some more seductive poses.

They want to see more and ask if she could show her boobs. Elizabeth is ok with this and pulls down the red swimsuit.

They especially like her booty and therefore ask her to turn around.

She has no problem to show her sexy ass to them and when she bends down and looks back she can see the excitement in their eyes.

She is told that she will also get a free instruction for her fitness station by one of their young trainers.

The Fitness Station Seduction

A few days later her station gets delivered and set up while she is running. Elizabeth has been always very much into fitness. She goes running almost every day. When she returns and finishes her shower she puts on a very sexy fitness outfit similar to that from Wicked Weasel. A white top, a black string under very tight black hotpants. She feels like seducing the fitness instructor.

She goes down to her private fitness studio. The fitness station is installed and the young trainer is ready to give her instructions. When he sees her in this sexy outfit he can’t help to stare often at her boobs and booty during his explanations. Elizabeth notices this of course with a smile and she knows the seduction works just perfectly.

Elizabeth makes also sure he sees her booty, which is nicely packed in the tight black hotpants.
(Below some low-res screenshots of the video)

Then she can’t wait any longer and pulls his pants down and massages him. He is very young and has a very big cock and his erection is really strong. Elizabeth likes that.

She takes her top off. Her nipples are hard and she’s horny like hell.

Elizabeth turns around and shows him her booty.

Then she asks him to fuck her really hard – and he does exactly that. The machine makes a lot of noise because of his hard pounding.

The young trainer fucks Elizabeth hard in two positions and they enjoy it very much!

See the trailer below in low-res preview of Elizabeth seducing the young trainer.

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Elizabeth likes to tease and seduce. Do you want to see more of her? Check the adventure below!

Elizabeth Carson - Casting Fitness

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